The Elf Who Didn't Believe is a 2000 Christmas movie. Produced by Royal Oaks Entertainment, it is stated, as in the closing credits, that none of Santa's elves were harmed while the production is being made.


Young elf Elmer wants to become a real boy. He steals Santa's sleigh and escapes to the real world, where he meets a young girl who needs a heart transplant.


Sean DonnellyElmer
Margo HarshmanJolie
Rich MannSanta Claus
Dan FrankRick
Samantha MuddRebecca Rollins
Leroy ThompsonEldwin
Burke MorganSlick
David GardnerMayor
Rory JohnstonWhitlock
Ross HaganJoe Rollins
Kathleen DoyleBetty Rollins
Alen GarfieldTwisp
William BarrySheriff
Mike WaiteIke
Jeff CulverMilitary Man
Kim DelgadoHazmat Man
Melissa DenieneNurse Dee Dee
Zak WalkerTimmy

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