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"The Fifteen-Foot Christmas Tree" (or "The 15-Foot Christmas Tree") is the third and final Christmas episode of the CBS sitcom Dennis the Menace, produced and aired as the twelfth episode of the show's third season.


Mr. Wilson criticizes the very small, artificial Christmas tree the Mitchells bought from Mr. Quigley (Willard Waterman). He insists they visit land owned by a friend of his and cut down a real tree. They get to the land and Dennis finds a nice looking but very large tree. George goes to cut it down, but his axe breaks on the first swing. Dennis has his Scout axe with him. It takes some doing, but they get the tree cut down. While lifting the tree, George's coat, with his car keys in it, gets knocked into a well. A man named Wilbur (Marshall Kent) comes by and claims this was his land. He's lying and makes George pay for the tree. Wilson, Henry, and Dennis carry the tree on a bus, breaking a window and annoying the incredulous driver and passengers. Once home, Mr. Wilson proceeds to prune the tree and really makes a mess of it. Figuring that George would goof up somehow, Mr. Quigley brings by the little tree that Henry returned earlier. Everyone sings "Silent Night".


The episode was made available on the Dennis the Menace: Season Three DVD set, released by Shout! Factory (under license from Sony Pictures) on October 25, 2011.


Actor/actress Character
Herbert Anderson Henry Mitchell
Gloria Henry Alice Mitchell
Willard Waterman Marvin Quigley
Pat McCaffrie Bus Driver
Louise Lorimer Dowager
Bill McLean Rumpled Man
Fiona Hale Gladys Pickett
Marshall Kent Wilbur
Frances Rey Leona
Sylvia Field Martha Wilson
Jay North Dennis Mitchell
Joseph Kearns George Wilson

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