"The Fight Before Christmas (The Simpsons)" is the next Christmas-themed episode of The Simpsons, and the first Christmas episode of the series to be produced in high-definition, set to air in December 2010. It will feature three short stories (similar to how "Simpsons Christmas Stories" was done), including one where Santa's elves revolt against him, one where Martha Stewart appears, and one where Maggie imagines the Simpsons as puppets.



SPOILER: Plot details or story follow.

Segment 1

Bart takes The Polar Express to the North Pole in an attempt to kill Santa, who never gave him the gift he wanted for Christmas.

Segment 2

Marge, who is stationed in Germany during WWII, is declared MIA, but Lisa recieves a message from a Christmas tree telling her that Marge is okay.

Segment 3

Marge receives a night time visit from the most powerful force in the universe, Martha Claus (Martha Stewart), who teaches her the true meaning of Christmas.

Segment 4

In a different segment, the Simpsons (as puppets) get ready to go to Hawaii, but Mr. Burns and Moe's new girlfriend, Katy Perry delay the trip.

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