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"The First Toymakers to the King" is a song featured in the 1970 Rankin/Bass Christmas special Santa Claus is Comin' to Town. It is sung by Tanta Kringle as she tells Kris that the Kringles were renowned toymakers to royalty until for some reason they aren't anymore.

Later on, the song is given a dark reprise as "No More Toymakers to the King", sung by Burgermeister Meisterburger.


We were the very first royal toymakers… the first toymakers to the king!

It's a difficult responsibility
When you an accept an appointment from His Majesty
You must strive for just the perfect quality
When you're the first toymaker to the king!

All the soldiers must stand erect
For the kingdom they protect
The balls must bounce much higher
If they're to please his royal sire

The ballerinas must pirouette
Upon their musical toes
And the clowns must make a king forget
All his kingly woes!


All the sailboats must never sink
And the dollies always wink
The teddy bears be furry
If they're to gain his royal curry

The jack-in-boxes must always pop
At every regal command
And the kangaroos must learn to hop
Into the prince's hand!


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