The Forgotten Toys (a.k.a. The Forgotten Toys: The Night After Christmas) is a animated television special, produced for Meridian ITV by Collingwood O'Hare Entertainment and presenter Hibbert Ralph Entertainment, that is originally premiered during the CITV block on Boxing Day 1995. Based on the book "The Night After Christmas" by James Stevenson, it served as a pilot to the subsequent series of the same name.


The story begins with Teddy and Annie in adjacent trash cans, sometime after Christmas. They have been thrown out to make room for new, more exciting toys. They can't understand why this has happened to them. Before long, the garbage truck comes along and they narrowly escape being crushed. So begins their journey to find another child to love them. They meet Chauncey, an old stray dog, who shelters them in the basement of a hotel. They soon grow tired of sitting there all day. Eventually Chauncey inadvertently causes the basement to flood, and they have to escape again.

They meet up again with Chauncey who takes them to see an old man with a long white beard (parallels with another such gentleman can be made). He deposits them outside a school, whereupon they are scooped up by the noisy children as they run out. The last sequence shows them happy in a new home.


Voice actor/actressCharacter(s)
Bob Hoskins Teddy
Shelley Thompson (UK)
Joanna Lumley (US)
Bob Sessions (UK)
Clement Freud (US)
Andrew SachsChef
Old Man
Kate Sachs

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