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The Gift of Love is a ABC TV movie starring Marie Osmond, based on the O. Henry short story The Gift of the Magi, that premiered on December 8, 1978.


Set in turn-of-the-century New York, The Gift of Love casts Osmond as young heiress Beth Atherton, who gives up her life of privilege and luxury to become the wife of poverty-stricken immigrant Rudi Miller. Though he finds work as a clerk, Rudi is unable to afford a decent Christmas gift for Beth, nor is she able to scrounge enough money from the household budget to purchase a gift for her husband. What happens next hinges on the fact that Rudi is inordinately proud of his gold watch, while Beth takes equal pride in her long, flowing hair.


Actor/actress Character
Marie Osmond Beth Atherton
Timothy Bottoms Rudi Miller
Bethel Leslie Agnes
June Lockhart Constance Schuyler
Donald Moffat William Schuyler
David Wayne O'Henry and Narrator
James Woods Alfred Browning
Sondra West Mary O'Halloran
Robert Pierce Franz Hollner
Fred Stuthman Griggs
Peggy Rea Mrs. Mooney
Anne Ramsey Maeve O'Halloran
Sarah Benoit Liesl's Mother
Lane Davies Browning Servant
Ray Duke Hack Driver
Christian Grey Fat Man at Ball
John Hart Justice of the Peace
John LaMotta Vendor
Arthur Malet Emcee at Ball
Sandy Martin Jan's Mother
Hedley Mattingly Jewelry Salesman
Glenn Robards Dancer at Ball
Jason Yowell Young Man at Ball

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