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The Grump Who Stole Christmas is the 2018 movie, presented & produced by WowNow Entertainment, that premiered direct-to-video on December 4, 2018. The premise is very similar to the studio's previous Christmas feature, Oh Deer, It's Christmas!, but with the titiular Grump, and his robotic sidekick, is the villains in the story.


Larry the Reindeer thinks he can fill Santa's shoes but he is about to get more than he bargained for. When a wicked Grump, accompanied by his robot sidekick Clank, casts a spell that allows Larry to switch places with Santa, the future of Christmas rests in one simple minded reindeer's hooves.


Voice actress/actorCharacter
Maria Petrano
Jacob Whiteshed


  • On Toon Goggles, the movie is splitted up into the limited short-form miniseries for the 2019 holiday season. It contained 18 parts in various 3-4 minute lengths, with a brief visual-only recap at the beginning of subsequent parts apart from part 1. By the result of it, both the closing credits and the WowNow logo is absent.

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