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The hobo


The hobo and the boy

"The Hobo Song" is sung by Kevin Roth in the Shining Time Station Christmas special 'Tis a Gift. In it, a hobo is on a train feeling lonely. A boy arrives, giving him a teddy bear as a present.


This old train's on its way to a town by the river.
You can hear the whistle blowing for many miles away.
There's an old hobo standing in a train full of letters
And presents wrapped in ribbons. Is coming Christmas Day.
Well, he sees his old town standing as the train keeps on passing.
And he thinks back to when he was loved as a boy back in his home.
And the gold on his fingers cold and bitter from winter's weather.
Just a cold lonely hobo, spending Christmas Time alone.
And only if he knew if there's angel by his side.
And only if he knew he would never be alone.
Well, he turned around to see who was standing there beside him.
Just a boy who looked a lot like him many years ago.
With a present in his hand, he smiled at that hobo
Like an angel full of wonder who somehow seemed to know.
And now he only knew if there's angel by his side.
And now he only knew the truth that he will never be alone.
Angel by his side.