The House Without a Christmas Tree is a made-for-TV Christmas movie that premiered on CBS on December 3, 1972. It was directed by Paul Bogart, and written by Eleanor Perry, based on a book by Gail Rock. It was followed by three more holiday-themed movies: The Thanksgiving Treasure, The Easter Promise, and Addie and the King of Hearts.


Ten-year-old Addie Mills wants only one thing for the holidays--a Christmas tree that will bring good cheer to the house. But her father, an embittered widower, absolutely refuses. Even her gentle and loving grandmother can't get him to change his mind. As Christmas approaches, it seems as if she will never get a Christmas tree...until an act of generosity touches her father's heart and teaches him an important lesson about the spirit of Christmas.


Actor Character
Jason Robards Jamie Mills
Lisa Lucas Addie Mills
Mildred Natwick Grandma Mills
Kathryn Walker Miss Thompson
Alexa Kenin Carla Mae
Murray Westgate Mr. Brady
Maya Kenin Mrs. Cott
Brady McNamara Billy Wild
Gail Dunsome Gloria Cott

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