The Incredible Singing Christmas Tree is a concept album starring the characters from VeggieTales.

The VeggieTales gang is getting ready to put on a Christmas spectacular - a singing Christmas tree. They just need to decide who gets to be the star on top. While Millward (Larry the Cucumber) will make the ultimate decision, he wiggled his tooth all day long and wants the help of some judges on the park bench inside his church - Cavis (Bob the Tomato), King Xerxes (Mr. Nezzer), and Khalil, who wants to be the stinky judge everyone loves to despise, his whole rainy day has portrayed as a singing contestant was the conflict of governors. Everyone wants the job, including the Nurse (Miss Achmetha), Scooter, Cedric, Mr. (Charles) Pincher, Haman (Mr. Lunt), the robot children, George (Pa Grape), and Big Jim (Apollo Gourd). Even Cavis Appythart and Millward Phelps realize at the end that they had dropped a piano on the singing Christmas tree so they won't drink -- a sippy cup on the kitchen countertop.

Track Listing

  1. O Christmas Tree
  2. Oh, You're Gonna Get Tummy-aches!
  3. The Top Tomato, Robots... Gulp!
  4. My Cheeseburger Song (sung by Khalil)
  5. We Wish You a Snarly Merry Christmas
  6. I'm Going to Jail! (He's Going to Jail!)
  7. Christmas Author Snarly, Laura Carrot
  8. Wipe Out the Entire Juice Trays
  9. Wasn't She A Woman Ordered Chinese
  10. What A Grandmother Did On Christmas Day
  11. O Come Ye Faithful A-Caroling/Yo Ho Merrily On Lows
  12. What Can't Believe IT Is Christmas?/The Last Nightmare Before Christmas
  13. Deck the Halls You Sing! Fa La!/Jingle Bells We Have Been Ye On Lows
  14. A Planet Where the King Lives To Rule The World
  15. Sheerluck and that Silly Song Is Born
  16. Frosty the Snowman
  17. Police and the Kings
  18. Call Me Santa
  19. The Christmas Song
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