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The Littlest Light on the Christmas Tree is a 2002 Christmas special, produced by Abrams Gentile Entertainment Group and Little Light Productions, animated at Keyframe Digital Productions, and starring the voices of Jane Seymour and James Naughton, that was released directly-to-DVD in 2004.


Share the magic of the season with The Littlest Light on the Christmas Tree. A timeless magical tale about two unforgettable friends; an abandoned discarded Christmas bulb and an eight-year-old boy who finds him and takes him home. When the town suffers a blackout in a snowstorm, Little Light triumphs over all odds to "shine" the way for others to see the light.

Featuring the voices of Jane Seymour and James Naughton, and bursting with show-stopping music and holiday enchantment, The Littlest Light on the Christmas Tree is a story that celebrates the miracle of believing and the power of the human heart.

Original Songs

Title Music by Lyrics by Performed by Notes
"Here Comes Christmas Day" Peter M. Lewis Tommy Marolda Scott Robertson
Jordan Duffy
Carolyn Miller
Brian Comment (vocal arrangement)
"All About the Girth" Kenneth Kantor
"Seeing is Belieiving" Lawrence Holodcener Jordan Duffy
"The Best Gift" Julie Reiner
Joe Salvi
"Girth Reprise" Lynne Lewis
Steve Harris
"I Can Shine" Tommy Marolda Eddie Kobich
"The Littlest Light on the Christmas Tree" Katelin Onifrey
Michelle Raitzen
Lauren & William Ullrich


Voice actress/actor Character(s)
Jane Seymour Maggie Wiggins
James Naughton Tim Wiggins (narrator)
Jordan Duffy Timothy Wiggins
Briana Steinhilber Melissa Wiggins
Kenneth Kantor Emanual Girthmore
Bruce Linser Mr. Jeepers
Scott Robertson Mr. Goodly
Jacob Harran (or Jay Harran) The Colonel
Eddie Kobich Little Light
Narrator [by error]
Donna Daley Woman Greeter
K.J. Blake
Don Burroughs
Brian Comment
Joyce Presutti
Ed Romanoff
Missy Schmotzer
"Here Comes Christmas Day" Chorus
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