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The Man Who Saved Christmas is a film based on the true story about the efforts of toymaker Alfred Carlton Gilbert of the A. C. Gilbert Company to continue making toys during World War I.


The film revolves around A.C. Gilbert, his family, and his toy factory. It is set during the First World War. Gilbert, a successful toymaker, is requested by the government to re-tool his factory to help produce goods for the war effort. He initially agrees to this, but comes to regret his decision. The film also deals with his relationship with his father and his son.

Things get the better of Gilbert as he learns that his brother has been declared missing in action in the war. This and other factors cause him to confront the government over plans to encourage people not to celebrate Christmas in order to save resources for the war effort. He successfully lobbies the government to allow him (and other toy manufacturers) to resume the production of toys for Christmas. Thus earning him the name "The Man Who Saved Christmas.

In the final scene, Gilbert's brother returns from the war in time to celebrate Christmas.

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Actor/actress Character(s)
Jason Alexander A.C. Gilbert
Kelly Rowan Mary
Ari Cohen Frank Gilbert
C. David Johnson Sam Ryder
Jayne Eastwood Mrs. Gilbert
Daniel Kash Hiram Harris
Jake Brockman Al Jr.
Kenneth Welsh Newton Baker
Edward Asner Charles Gilbert
David Talbot Ben
Jonathan Higgins Franklin Roosevelt
Brad Borbridge Guard
Bill Lake Secretary Daniels
François Klanfer Secretary MacAdoo
Craig Gardner Admiral
Melissa Bourne Woman in Toy Store
Scott Morgan
Antonio Cordero
Boys in Toy Store
Nancy McAlear
Kathryn Haggis
Woman Employees
Sheldon Davis
James Kirchner
Man Employees
Jake Simons Messenger
Andrew Dow Thomas Ryder
Mathew Peart
Alex Hood
Maya Gunnarson Girl Panhandler
Pauline Huff
Steve Ambrose
Sarah Pacheco
Sheldon Smith
Naomi Emmerson
Michael Sercerchi Male Shopper

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