As mayor and chief toymaker, it's my pleasure to present you with the key to Santa's city.

— Presenting the key to Santa's City to Princesses Crystal & Lucinda and Pup. (His only line)

The Mayor of Santa's City is a male elf from In Search of Santa. He's also the chief toy maker in the city. He's voiced by the movie's writer Michael Aschner.


He's the tall white elf with hair & mushtache with the glasses over the top of his nose. His appearel includes the top hat, the black shoes, the black suit with the green bowtie at the top, and the red/yellow-outlined stache with the gold medel at the center over the suit. He also has ears like a elf.

His Role

He's only appeared at the beginning of the ceremony in the city's castle scene in the North Pole. He presents the key to Santa's City to the Royal Penguin Princesses/true believers Crystal & Lucinda and their friend Pup beside from the other elves in the city, Mrs. Claus, and Max Elfman & his flying pig, in front of the seated elves in a crowd. He's also in a picture with Mrs. Claus and three other elves in a scrapbook that proves Santa Claus has exist.

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