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The Mistle-tones is an ABC Family original Christmas movie that premiered on December 9, 2012 as part of its annual 25 Days of Christmas event.


Holly is excited to audition for the Snow Belles, a Christmas-themed pop group founded by her mother. However, lead Belles singer Marci denies Holly a chance to audition when she shows up late. Nevertheless, Holly takes to the stage and delivers a sensational audition and is upset when Marci passes her over in favor of Staci. Holly is depressed about being turned down, even after her sister suggests she start her own group.

Soon, though, Holly begins to see merit in the idea and decides to ask the manager of the local mall if she can perform at the local Christmas Eve celebration. The manager decides to hold auditions and a competition as a publicity stunt and agrees to let Holly's group into the show. Holly recruits a group of her coworkers including her best friend, AJ, large and lovable Larry, and the shy HR manager, Bernice. they begin rehearsals in the company warehouse and, while the others are pleased with their first rehearsal, Holly thinks they need something more.

Later that evening, Holly skids off the road while driving home and crashes into a snowbank. While waiting on a tow truck, she seeks shelter in a nearby tavern and is shocked to discover her boss, the normally uptight and goal-oriented Nick, is a crowd favorite on the karaoke stage due to his energy and stage presence. Holly records his performance and uses it to blackmail him into helping her turn the group into solid competition for the Snow Belles. At first, Nick is reluctant to assist, especially since it takes time away from work and a major promotion he is vying for. Eventually, he begins to warm to the group and even joins in performing during rehearsals. This also draws him closer to Holly as it becomes more evident that they are attracted to one another. After some brief deliberation, Holly names the group the Mistle-Tones.

Having seen a video of the group's performance, Marci begins to see Holly as a potential threat and offers her a spot in the Belles to ensure the Mistle-Tones won't compete. Holly confides in Nick that she is considering the offer and begins to tell the others at their office Christmas party. Nick, however, interrupts her by singing "Winter Wonderland" and leading the group in an impromptu performance. Afterwards, Nick tells Holly that the Mistle-Tones are her group and they need her. Holly agrees to turn down the Belles and perform at the auditions with the Mistle-Tones if Nick will join them. Nick agrees and the two kiss, beginning a relationship. However, Nick receives a call from a company executive telling him that he got the promotion he wanted and he needs to leave right away.

The next night at the audition, the group observe some of the other acts competing while waiting for Nick to arrive. they soon realize he isn't coming and go onstage without him. The performance goes well but is upstaged by the arrival of the Belles mid-performance. The audience ignores the rest of the Mistle-Tones' song and the Belles go on to win the audition. Holly becomes despondent at the loss, but her father reminds her that her mother used to enjoy simply singing and that she used to end every show by singing onstage to Holly.

The next evening at the Christmas Eve show, Holly wishes the Belles a Merry Christmas but cannot bring herself to stay for the show. She goes for a walk and is soon drawn to a nearby street where the Mistle-Tones are performing, led by Nick. Nick reveals that he turned down the promotion, realizing that he wanted to be with Holly. He begs her to sing with him and she agrees, dueting with Nick as the town and the Snow Belles enjoy the show.



Title(s) Performed by
"Jingle Bells"
"O Holy Night"
Tia Mowry
"We Wish You a Merry Christmas" Mowry, Tori Spelling, Melanie Lewis,
Tanisha Lang and Sydney T. Sorenson
"God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen" Britani Bateman
"Deck the Halls"
  • Megan Kathleen Duffy
  • Medley: Cardiff Gerhardt, Presley Okobia, Justin Taplin, Darik & Dylan Chatwin,
    Amber Schiffman, Jorji Diaz Fadel, Tara Johnson and Cheyenne Murillo
"The Twelve Days of Christmas" Mowry, Andy Gala, Duffy, Jason Rogel, Spelling, Bateman, Lewis, Lang and Sorenson
"Burning Love" Jonathan Patrick Moore
"Joy to the World" (Rock) Mowry, Gala, Duffy, Rogel and Moore
"Winter Wonderland" (Original and Reprise) Mowry, Moore, Gala, Duffy and Rogel
"All I Want for Christmas is You" Spelling, Bateman, Lewis, Lang and Sorenson
"Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)" Moore, Mowry, Gala, Duffy, Rogel and Brandi Hall


A soundtrack was released on November 18, 2012 on iTunes, with the following track list:

  1. "Jingle Bells" Medley - Tia Mowry
  2. "O Holy Night" - Mowry
  3. "The Twelve Days of Christmas" - The Mistle-tones and The Snowbelles
  4. "Burning Love" - Jonathon Patrick Moore
  5. "Joy to the World" - The Mistle-tones
  6. "Winter Wonderland" - The Mistle-tones
  7. "Deck the Halls" Medley - The Chest-Notes, LudaKrisKringle and The Tinsel Tweens
  8. "All I Want for Christmas is You" - The Snowbelles
  9. "Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)" - The Mistle-Tones


Actress/actor Character(s)
Tia Mowry Holly
Jonathan Patrick Moore Nick Anderson
Andy Gala AJ
Megan Kathleen Duffy Bernie
Jason Rogel Larry
Tammy Townsend Grace
Reginald VelJohnson Holly's Dad
Tori Spelling Marci
Britani Bateman Staci
Melanie Lewis-Yribar Barb
Tanisha Lang Jennifer
Sydney Sorenson Amber
Jason Tatom Mall Manager
Devin Losser Devon
Keyon Bowman Bryce
Brandi Meloa Holly's Mom
Angie Wilson Engemann Theresa
Jim Stevens Karaoke MC
Jayne Luke Old Lady
Cardiff Gerhardt Ludakris Kringle
Mayra Gomez
Cami Twede
Karaoke Girls
Malinda Money Goth Girl
Bobby Fairbanks
Princess Kennedy
Mark Brocksmith
Presley Okobia
Justin Taplin
Dylan Chatwin
Darik Chatwin
Cheyenne Murillo
Tara Johnson
Amber Schiffman
Jorji Diaz Fadel
Tinsel Tweens
Ray Waters Christmas Party Dancer
Alicia Washington
Jen Osorio
Amanda Jolley
Tavern Dancers

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