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The Naughty List is a CGI-animated direct-to-video Christmas movie, starring the voices of Drake Bell, Sean Astin, Naya Rivera, Kyle Chandler and Matthew Lillard, that premiered on November 12, 2013.


Two young elves, Winter and Snowflake, have a hard time following the rules and are prone to sneaking off for some good elf playtime. But after wrecking the North Pole's official Christmas tree, the two elf brothers, along with a rebellious reindeer named Sparkle, find themselves on the dreaded Naughty List. They are forced to do mundane horrible tasks like washing windows, cleaning bathrooms and more but seem to always make a bigger mess than they had to begin with. After the group is regulated to kitchen duty, they somehow manage to give the whole North Pole food poisoning, including Santa! Now with only hours to go before Christmas, they are the only ones left to help save Christmas. Sparkle has to coach an elderly reindeer couple, a small reindeer, and a sleeping moose but had a difficult time training them until she came with an idea to train them better. As Winter and Snowflake were wrapping presents Winter decided you use the assembly line machine to make video games which came alive and started flying and shooting laser! Snowflake yells at Winter for always cutting corners and getting in trouble constantly. Winter apologies for what he did and agreed to help Work with Snowflake and they manage to shut down the machine. With the presents ready and reindeer prepare for flight Christmas was saved! Winter, Snowflake and Sparkle each receive a bell from their stockings as a reward for their help. They arrive at the center where Sparkle sings about being on the naughty list and everyone dances!



  • When Santa prepares hot chocolate for Sparkle, Snowflake and Winter, he puts a straw in one of them, but after the future vision scene of Winter and Snowflake being made fun of for being on the Naughty List, all three mugs have a straw.


Voice actor/actress Character(s)
Drake Bell Snowflake
Sean Astin Winter
Naya Rivera Sparkle
Kyle Chandler Santa Claus
Matthew Lillard Tinsel
Neighbour Reindeer
Michael Donovan Murkle
Mechanic Elf
Elf Dad
Eric Bauza Pine Cone
Older Brother Elf #2
Jennifer Hale Elf Mom
Screaming Girl


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