"The Night of the Living Nativity Scenes" ("La Noche de los Belenes Vivientes") is the first Christmas episode of Telecino's series Aida, produced and aired as the seventeenth episode of its eighth season.


Soraya's excitement at the upcoming Christmas Eve dinner celebration contrasts with the apathy of Chema, Fidel and Paz, which will add to the traditional Christmas evening at the García home. Moved by her colossal appetite, Eugenia eats the piglet bought by her granddaughter, a situation that threatens the family celebration. While trying to amend her mistake, the matriarch of the García clan suggests that they participate in a contest of living nativity scenes and thus opt for the prize of the contest: an opípara Christmas dinner.

After listening to Eugenia's proposal, Fidel decides to volunteer to direct the performance, even though the Christmas celebrations are not to his father's liking. On the other hand, Luisma and Barajas sign up for the contest on their own.

Meanwhile, Machupichu has taken out some plane tickets to spend the Christmas holidays with their loved ones in their country of origin. Despite the multiple pressures received to allow him to travel to his country on these important dates, the owner of the Reynols Bar refuses to give him several days off ensuring that work is the top priority.

Shortly after, Mauricio receives a visit from an unexpected visitor, the Spirit of Christmas, who tries to show Mauricio the Christmas spirit through a magical journey in which he shows his past, present and future.


Paco LeónLuisma García
Pepe ViyuelaChema Martínez
Melani OlivaresPaz Bermejo
Mariano PeñaMauricio Colmenero
Miren IbargurenSoraya García
Ana PolvorosaLorena García
David CastilloJonathan García
Eduardo CasanovaFidel Martínez
Marisol AyusoEugenia García
Concha HidalgoEmilia
Canco RodríguezBarajas
Óscar ReyesMachupichu
Sanseverina LazarAída García
Guillermo VallverdúEl kioskero
Ramón García

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