The Nutcracker is a 1995 special, as the Christmas-themed episode of GoodTimes' DtV series Children's Classics, produced by Jetlag Productions.


"The Nutcracker Suite" composed by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky
Music Arranged by Andrew Dimitroff


(All uncredted)
Composed by Nick Carr, Ray Crosslet, and Andrew Dimitroff
Lyrics by Joellyn Cooperman
Produced by Dimitroff
Sung by Wendy Hamilton-Caddey


Voice actor/actress Character(s)
Tony Ail
Nathan Aswell
Kathleen Barr
Lilliam Carlson
Gary Chalk
Ian Corlett
Michael Donovan
Kent Gallie
Phil Hayes
Roger Kelly
Ellen Kennedy
Terry Klassen
Joanne Lee
Andrea Libman Marie
Tom McBeath
Lois McClean
Scott McNeil
Jesse Moss
Doug Newell
Richard Newman
Crystaleen O'Bray
Doug Parker
Gerard Plunkett
Cheralynn Bailey
Susan Sciff
Raquel Shane
Scott Swanson
Venus Terzo
Louise Vallance
Wanda Wilkinson
Dale Wilson

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