"The Nutcracker Suite" is the main music of Disney's The Nutcracker and the Four Realms. Originally composed by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky, it has been arranged & produced by James Newton Howard, who also composed the movie's score, conducted by Gustavo Dudamel and featured soloist Lang Lang on the piano with the orchestra.

Excerpts from the suite is heard as background music over most of the movie, but the main music is heard on the first set of the main-on-end credits. The chorographed dance is performed by special guest ballerinist Misty Copeland, with the male dancer (including his outlined reflections) performing a more hip-hop dance to the same music

Suite/First set of the Credits

We fade in with the egg-shaped music box, the movie's important item, zooming in into the keyhole while it rotates.

The orchestra with the conductor in a similiar model as the live action host segments and the "Toccata and Fugue in D Minor" sequence from Fantasia, with the directors' credit at the near-top.

When it starts snowing, the camera pans down from the orchestra to Misty Copeland, with the "Screen Story and Screenplay by" credit at the top-right.

When she starts dancing to the music, the credits (from the "Suggested by..." to the "Production Designer") appears aisde from her.

When she pauses, the man comes in and begins to dance together, but he (and the other males) dance in a more hip-hop style, that occurs from the "Film Editor" credit until they seperated in "Richard E. Grant" credit, so Misty can twirl over the "Sergei Polunin" credit.

Misty then sees the man's own hip-hop style dance, with her "Special Performance by" credit next her on the right. The man's dance continues solo over the "with Helen Mirren" credit, before the reflections dance with him and in a side-by-side duo before going back to solo in the "and Morgan Freeman" and the other cast credits just as the reflections to come back for more.

Misty and the dancer comes back together again, as the reflection dances in the "Disney presents" credit. The last few moments of dancing occurs before "A Mark Gordon Production" credit appears. Misty and the dancer are both enveloped into the "A" of "NUTCRACKER" in the main title design the strings of the "FOUR REALMS" attached to the "U" & "E" of the "NUTCRACKER". The dancers disappears with a gold firework effect, before cutting to black.

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