Yeah, you probably figured it's same old, same old, but this one's got a nutty little twist.
[She puts "Nuttiest" into the opening title.]

— Sugar Plum Fairy

The Nuttiest Nutcracker is a 1999 CGI-animated direct-to-video movie, based loosely on The Nutcracker, that is co-executive produced for Columbia TriStar Home Video by Dan Krach. It was premiered on CBS on December 3, 1999.


A fun-filled adventure for everyone, The Nuttiest Nutcracker is a star-studded CGI-animated movie that lends a madcap twist to the cherished "Nutcracker" tale… all gone nuts!

When a young teen, Marie, falls asleep awaiting the return of her parents, she enters the magical world of her Nutcracker Prince, a gift from her Uncle. Together with a zany band of mixed nuts and the Sugar Plum Fairy, Marie helps her Nutcracker Prince reclaim his Kingdom from Reginald, the evil Mouse King!

Featuring excepts from Tchaikovsky's "Nutcracker Ballet" as well as two original songs performed by Peabo Bryson, it is one wild ride… all with a nutty twist!


TitlePerformed by
Excerpts from Tchaikovsky's
"The Nutcracker"
  • London Festival Orchestra
    (dir: Alberto Lizzio)
  • Royal Philharmonic
"The Big Cheese"Steve Keller
Ben Ryan
"Keep The Faith"Peabo Bryson and the Oakland Interfaith Gospel Choir
"Just Believe"Peabo Bryson

The original score is composed by David Krystal and orchestrated by William Carpenter, recorded at The Asylum.


Voice actor/actressCharacter(s)
Jim BelushiReginald
Phyllis DillerSugar Plum Fairy
Cheech MarinMac
Cam ClarkePrince
Mouse Sergeant
Debi DerryberryMarie
Desiree GoyetteSparkle
Tress MacNeilleL'il Pea
Brocoli Floret
Jeff BennettThe Colonel
Mouse Doctor
Mouse Soldier
Jim CummingsUncle Drosselmeier
Kevin SchonStash

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