"The Poisy Show" is the Christmas episode and series finale of Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel, which premiered on Nickelodeon on Saturday, December 1, 2018. Due to Hasbro taking over full rights to the Power Rangers franchise in 2018, it is also the last Power Rangers episode to be part of the "Neo Saban" era.


Sledge, Poisandra, and Wrench find Madame Odius' ship to find the ninja steel. Wrench sets up Cosmo's old studio for Sledge to make "The Poisy Show." Wrench also reprogrammed the remaining Basherbots to work for them.

The Rangers are at their hideout when Preston comes in with a package from Wes Collins. Collins, through a holographic device, explains that it creates a portal allowing the Rangers to jump from one dimension to another. At the same time, the Nexus Prism gives the Rangers their Ninja Power Stars when suddenly Sledge and Snow Fright show up. Snow Fright manages to freeze everyone but Preston, who Sledge tackles into a portal to Dino Charge dimension. Meanwhile, Snow Fright teleports the rest of the Rangers to Odius' ship, where the Poisy show is being broadcast to a live studio audience. Snow Fright gives Poisandra the Rangers' power stars. The Rangers trick Poisandra into talking about how Sledge doesn't actually care about her.

In the Dino Charge dimension, Sledge prepares to shoot Preston when a pterodactyl comes to grab him. Sledge notices that the creature looks familiar and runs after it to grab the power star. The pterodactyl drops Preston and Koda catches him. The two morph and face off against Sledge. A tyrannosaurus rex, who Koda calls Krooya, scares away Sledge and is friendly to the Rangers. The two jump into the portal where the others are waiting, with Sledge following them.

Sledge makes it to the set of the Poisy Show and asks Wrench where the blue rangers are. Poisandra hears him and realizes that the show was merely a distraction. As she tells him off, Preston comes along and gives everyone their power stars. When the arguing monsters realize it, the rest of the Rangers morph and disappear in smoke. Sledge sends the Basherbots to find them after at first mistakenly calling them Vivix. Snow Fright catches up to the Rangers when they escape through the garbage chute, where Santa Claus is waiting with his sleigh. He drops the rangers to Earth, where Snow Fright and a bunch of Basherbots meet them. The Rangers battle and Brody morphs into Lion Fire armor. They defeat the bots and Snow Fright.

Sledge asks Wrench if he found the ship's Magna Beam, but he instead finds the Gigantify Ray. As the two gigantify Snow Fright, Koda secretly slips a gift to Sledge, saying "Merry Christmas, Sledge" before running off.

As Snow Fright becomes gigantic, the Rangers activate the Lion Fire Megazord, Bull Rider Megazord, and Ninja Steel Megazord: Dragon Formation. Snow Fright freezes them again, so the Rangers activate the ultrazord. They manage to defeat Snow Fright. Meanwhile, back at the ship, Wrench finds the gift Koda left for them, saying it's for Poisandra. She happily asks Sledge if he left for it her, to which he sheepishly claims yes. However, when she opens it, she finds a card finding it to be from the Rangers. As she angrily heads towards Sledge, Wrench finds something else in the box: a bomb blowing up the ship and destroying the 3 monsters for good.

As the show comes to a close, the rangers, including Koda, celebrate Christmas together. Koda says he is happy that Sledge is finally gone and gives the rest caveman clubs. He asks the rangers to come home with him and have a merry caveman Christmas.

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