The Robot Chicken Lots of Holidays Special (Full title: The Robot Chicken Lots of Holidays (But Don't Worry Christmas Is Still in There So Pull the Stick Out of Your A** Fox News) Special) is the seventh Christmas episode of the Adult Swim sketch show Robot Chicken. Despite being a Christmas special, it also doubles as a celebration of every holiday that has ever existed.


Voice actor/actressCharacter(s)
Seth GreenThe Nerd
Daniel 'Gyro-Robo'
Mickey Mouse
Handy Smurf
Simon Seville
Theodore Seville
Rachel BloomAriel
Ashley ChaneySupergirl
Sarah Michelle GellarBambi's Mother
Seth MacFarlaneSanta Claus
King Triton
Breckin MeyerSuperman
Dan MilanoPapa Smurf
Tom RootAlvin Seville
Matthew SenreichNemo
MySpace Smurf
Erik WeinerJoshua

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