"The Snowman Cometh" is the Christmas episode of the 2015 Danger Mouse animated series. It was broadcast on CBBC on December 16, 2015.


It's Christmas, and Danger Mouse and Penfold are tasked with protecting Santa from the villainous clutches of the festive season-destroying Snowman. The embarrassingly inept villain is fed up with being humiliatingly defeated by Danger Mouse and decides to get revenge by kidnapping Santa.

This time Danger Mouse and Penfold's attempts to thwart the Snowman end in disaster with the villain super-powered by Christmas spirit and Santa's hat. In a whirlwind of bah and humbug the Snowman sabotages the festive holiday and threatens to destroy the world by freezing the sun.

Danger Mouse must lead an army of elves and a rejuvenated Santa to battle the Snowman and melt his evil plans.


  • Count Duckula made his brief appearance in this Christmas special before his official debut appearance in the reboot series.
  • In a reference to The Snowman, one of the Snowman’s minions grabs Tiny Tim and lifts him up and he sings as he lifts his arms.



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