"The Sprites' Songs" is the collection of narrative ditties that is provided the narrative of Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer: The Movie. The ditties is performed by the Sprites of the Northern Lights.


We're the Sprites of the Northern Lights

We're the sprites of northern lights
We light up the North Pole lights
I'm Aurora; I'm Sparkle
I'm Glitter; I'm Twinkle

The Proud New Parents

The proud new parents
take a fawn man doe
Ah, for a walk
and the guide in too

To the Reindeer School

Another year passes,
and young Rudolph goes
To the reindeer school
with the other bucks & does

We Send Santa On His Way

On Christmas Eve, we send
Santa on his away
And cheer the fliers on
who draw Santa's sleigh

To the Reindeer Games

Winter, spring, summer, and fall
Rudolph grows up strong and tall
And he practices and trains
For the day of the reindeer games

Do-do do-do do-do
Do-do do-do do

Stormella's Storm Is Growing

So now the snow is growing
Stormella's wind is blowing
It's hailing, it's sleeting
So Santa calls a meeting

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