"The Stingiest Man In Town" is a song from The Stingiest Man in Town and its animated adaptation.


How can anybody be so stingy?
So stingy, so stingy?
How could anybody be so stingy?
He's the stingiest man in town.
Old Scrooge is such a stingy man
The tightest man since time began.
Oh, he's so tight, so tight I say
He wouldn't give a bride away.
It hurts him so to pay one cent,
He wouldn't pay a compliment,
He uses lightning bugs at night,
To save the cash he'd pay for light!
When he goes by the children hiss.
No other man is tight as this.
One day he skinned an alley cat
To make himself a winter hat.
He has a house that very tall,
With flowered paper in the hall.
And for his mother's funeral,
He cut the flowers off the wall.
And when his hearse goes rolling by.
No man alive is gonna cry.
But you can bet his ghost will curse,
Because he's paying for the hearse.
And when it's time for him to go,
His soul will travel down below,
And when he gets there you can tell,
Because you'll hear old Satan yell...
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