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The True Meaning of Christmas Specials is a CBC special, hosted and written by Dave Foley, that premiered on December 22, 2002.


Dave Foley hosts his first Christmas special, a beach party extravaganza guest starring "surf guitar god" and 'Santa Dude', who has brought gifts to sell via phone order. Dave isn't feeling the spirit though. After consulting with a priest and Mike Myers and his butler, he decides that what the special needs is Canada, so he quickly moves the entire production to a ski lodge up north.

Dave starts the special up again but something still doesn't feel right. He meets but he has no advice for him. Back at the lodge, is arguing with the lodge manager, as Dave's special has displaced him and his dancers, the El Vettes, who were scheduled to perform there. Dave agrees to share the rooms with El Vez and the El Vettes but then Elvis Stojko walks in and the El Vettes swoon over him. This infuriates Dave, who gives up on his special and calls Christmas specials "stupid" and "humbug".

Dave goes to sleep but is awoken by the Ghost of Christmas Specials Past, who is there to restore Dave's faith in Christmas specials. He shows Dave a vision of Bing Crosby and David Bowie singing a version of "The Little Drummer Boy"(/"Peace on Earth") like in the 1977 Bing Crosby Christmas Special. Then comes The Ghost of Christmas Specials Present, who shows Dave how much fun everybody (except El Vez, who is upset at Elvis Stojko for stealing the El Vettes' attention) is having. Finally, Dave is visited by The Ghost of Christmas Specials Yet To Come McDonald, who shows Dave the future of Christmas specials (a virtual experience devoid of actual interaction or emotion) if he does not change his ways.

Dave awakens and seeks out Elvis, apologizing for how he acted earlier. He gathers everybody together and talks about Christmas being about 'kindness, compassion and empathy'. The El Vettes reconcile with El Vez & Dave, and the special ends with El Vez & the El Vettes performing a rock version of "Feliz Navidad".


Actor/actress Character(s)
Dave Foley Self
David Bowie
Jann Arden The Ghost of Christmas Specials Present
Dick Dale Self
Joe Flaherty Bing Crosby
Tom Green Thomas, the butler
Crissy Guerrero
Lisa Hockly
Themselves - El Vette
Paul Irving Lodge Manager
El Vez Self
Kevin McDonald The Ghost of Christmas Specials Yet To Come
Mike Myers Self
Jason Priestley Santa Dude
Andy Richter Priest
Elvis Stojko Self
Dave Thomas The Ghost of Christmas Specials Past (Bob Hope)

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