The Truth Behind the Christmas Game (クリスマスゲームの真実 Kurisumasu Gēmu no Shinjitsu) is the eleventh episode of Kamen Rider Gaim. It features the debut and only appearance of Gaim Suika Arms' Gyro Mode . It also features the final appearance of Gaim Suika Arms, Ryugen Kiwi Arms, and Ryoji Hase's Kamen Rider Kurokage form.


As the Lockseed gathering "game" begins, Baron and Bravo fight between themselves, while the white Armored Rider, Kamen Rider Zangetsu, investigates the infiltration into Helheim Forest. Meanwhile, Kouta, who has also entered the forest, decides to track down the white Rider and finds the base of operations that may be the cause for the tears into Helheim Forest opening on their own.

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