"Octonauts & the Very Vegimal Christmas"" is the Christmas episode of CBeeBies' animated show Octonauts.


It's Christmas at the Octopod, when the Vegimals are cooking up a big Christmas feast. While they were doing that, Shellington tells the Octonauts the story about how he first found the Vegimals. But smoke came from the kitchen and Tunip rushes there to see that his cake got burnt to a crisp! Then Inkling, Shellington, and Dashi discover a brime lake, so they go out to see it. But little do they know, when the three of them get stuck in a snot blob! Barnacles and the others go out to rescue them and ended up getting stuck too! It is up to the Vegimals to rescue them. Tunip sounds the Octo-Alert himself and orders the Vegimals to the HQ, only to fail twice. When he sounds the Octo-Alert for the third time, they finally arrived. After watching a video on how to rescue creatures out of snot blobs ("A vehicle and rescue line, beats a blob every time"), Tunip and the Vegimals create a new Gup made of a big toy train called the Gup V! They use this Gup to successfully rescue all the Octonauts. After all of the excitement, Tunip faints and once he awakens back in the HQ, he realizes that his cake is about to burn (again)! He gets it just in time and triumphantly places it on the table. After Barnacles gave a brief speech, the Octonauts have their feast, while the Vegimals begin to sing Jingle Bells in Vegimalese! At the end of the special, Codish is seen riding the Octo-Ski, wishing the audience a Merry Christmas and smiling.

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