"The Way a Feast Should Go" is a song from the Vampirina episode "Nanpire and Grandpop the Greats". It is sung by Grandpop and Vampirina as she tries to convince her grandfather to try new human feast traditions for the Blood Moon Festival feast.


Grandpop: A vampire feast at the very least
Should have the traditional Blood Moon dishes
Screaming potatoes and shrieking tomatoes
And a gravy boat that grants your wishes

That's the way we do things still
Always have and always will
Traditional and apropos
That's the way a feast should go

Vampirina: But, Grandpop, you'll find you won't really mind
You might even like a few human platters
Don't be to hasty 'cause turkey is tasty
And the menu isn't all that matters

So come on, let's try something new
It's the human thing to do
Our traditions change and grow
That's the way a feast should go

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