"There Is a Santa Claus" is a song from the show Elf: The Musical and the television special Elf: Buddy's Musical Christmas.


Buddy, where did you go?
Mom, mom, mom, mom, mom
What? What?, I saw a tiny sleigh
Make its tiny way right across the sky

There wasn't time to think
There wasn't time to blink
Before it zoomed right by

And everything I knew, I knew
And everything that you knew too
Is absolutely now untrue because
Without a doubt there is a Santa Claus

Oh my god, I just saw him too
Yet my whole life through he seemed fake to me
Couldn't Santa see what a fantasy he appeared to be?

And everything I thought, I thought
Is tangled up in one big knot
The world out there has clearly got its flaws
If they can't say there is a Santa Claus

And Rudolph's nose really glows
And guides him through the night
The beard like snow, the ho, ho, ho
I told you I was right

And does this mean that Easter eggs
Are hidden by a rabbit?
I just thought that I'd been hocus-pocused
And does this mean there's any truth
To a fairy who might buy your tooth?
Come on, mother, let's stay focused

It's hard to be sedate or keep your head on straight
When fairy tales come true
Though I can't complain 'cause if I'm insane
That means you are too

So why don't we make a pact?
A solemn pledge to be exact
That Santa's real in fact
He always was

I know I've had my doubts before
But now there's proof I can't ignore
So why deny it anymore?
There is a Santa Claus

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