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Timmy's Gift: A Precious Moments Christmas is an animated Christmas television speical, based on the Precious Moments franchise created by Samuel Butcher, presented by The Samuel J. Butcher Company & Jon Butcher, executive produced by Nancy Hardin, produced by Landmark Entertainment Group and animated at Rick Reinhart Productions (with Reinhart himself directed it), that was simultaneously premiered on VHS by Golden Book Video and that night on NBC primetime on December 22, 1991. It is first of the two Precious Moments Christmas specials, with the other being as Timmy's Special Delivery, which was produced two years later.


TitleWritersPerformed by
"The Brightest Star" Al Kasha
Joel Hirschhorn
Melissa Manchester
James Ingram
"Starlight Theme"Jodi Benson
"The Friendship Song"Ted King
Carl Johnson


Voice actor/actressCharacter
Dom DeLuise
Don Knotts
Roddy McDowallNarrator
Zachary Bostrom*
Julia Dimattia
Billy O'Sullivan
Ziad LeFlore
Jaclyn Bernstein
Grant Galt

* - Nominated for the 1993 Young Artist Award for Best Voice-Over in an Animated Special

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