Concept art of Timmy.

Timmy Terwelp is a character from the Walt Disney Animation Christmas television special Prep & Landing.

In the special, Timmy catches a reclining Wayne as he lounges in his family's living room, eating a cookie meant for Santa and giving his new partner Lanny all the Christmas Eve Prep duties. Timmy takes several pictures of the elves (which are subsequently deleted) before being sparkled by Lanny and carried back to his bed. After the delay in the Prep of Timmy's house causes Magee to declare "Figgy Pudding" (meaning that Santa has to skip Timmy's house this year), Wayne regains his enthusiasm for his job and works together with Lanny to try to help Santa find Timmy's house during the raging snowstorm. Timmy is last seen riding his new bicycle that he received from Santa.

Although Timmy does not actually appear in the sequel, Prep & Landing: Naughty vs. Nice, his face is briefly shown alongside his behavioral data on one of the elves' computers at the beginning of that special.

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