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Opal: Still think he'll get home today?
Puddle: You know Toot. He'll find the way.

— Puddle telling Opal that Toot would get home today.

Toot & Puddle: I'll Be Home for Christmas is an direct-to-video Christmas special featuring the anthropomorphic pig characters Toot and Puddle, created by Holly Hobbie. It focuses on the Christmas-time adventures of two pigs who live together, Toot and Puddle, as well as their young cousin Opal.

The title is based loosely on the book by the same name by Holly Hobbie. Though this was the first animated adventure featuring the characters, National Geographic Kids, one of the production companies involved in the special, would later release an animated television series featuring the two, illustrated in a somewhat different style.


Toot and Puddle are excited about celebrating Christmas in their home in Woodcock Pocket with Cousin Opal when Toot receives a letter inviting him to his great-great-aunt Peg's centennial birthday celebration in Scotland. The two agree that Toot should definitely go, while Puddle will stay home and decorate with Opal, in time for Toot's return on Christmas Eve.

In Scotland, Toot is met by an uncle of his, who introduces him to the art of Scottish kilt-wearing. He sings carols with sheep and meets his great, great-aunt, who he learns once explored the Grand Canyon in the United States. He also discovers the birth of a group of puppies.

Back in Woodcock Pocket, Opal arrives for the holidays. She helps Puddle to pick out a tree and joins him and the bird Tulip in holiday-decorating. The group also bakes cookies as Opal sings an original song set to the tune of "Over the River and Through the Woods."

In Scotland, Toot is alarmed to wake up on the day of his trip back to discover that the area is blanketed in snow and all flights are grounded. Determined not to give up, he manages to catch a train and later a different flight in his efforts to get back. Back at home, Puddle and Opal worry as to whether he will get home in time for Christmas and Opal is determined to not decorate the tree because this is something that they always do together with Toot.

Toot arrives home from his flight, only to find himself traveling in a blinding blizzard trying to get back to Woodcock Pocket. Just as things seem hopeless, he is assisted by a sleigh-riding individual who is strongly implied to be Santa Claus. With the man's help, he makes it home on Christmas Eve. Puddle and Opal are delighted and everyone settles into bed, dreaming of Santa's visit that night.

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