Tootie is a character in the Nickelodeon animated series The Fairly OddParents. She is Vicky's little sister, and as such, she is also Vicky's most frequently tormented victim, but she ironically does not have fairy godparents of her own. Tootie has an obsessive crush on Timmy Turner, who at first does not seem to like her very much; however, it is shown in the series' live-action movies that Timmy eventually realizes that he loves Tootie as well.

Appearances in Christmas specials

Tootie briefly appears in the series' second Christmas episode, "Merry Wishmas". She can be seen among the kids in the chorus lines of the song "Not on the List", but does not sing a line of her own. She is then the first one shown to make a wish on the wish coupons delivered by Cosmo, Wanda, and Poof. She initially does not believe the coupon's offer, saying "Like, what? I'm supposed to wish for a pink flying seahorse named Timmy?", upon which she receives said flying seahorse. Tootie is later seen in the crowd of kids gathering the wish coupons that come flooding out of Vicky's mailbox, but she is not shown to make any more wishes.

Tootie finally gets Timmy under the mistletoe with her in A Fairly Odd Christmas.

Tootie has a more prominent role in the series' live-action Christmas film, A Fairly Odd Christmas, which takes place approximately thirteen years after the events of the original series. By the time of the events depicted in the movie, she and Timmy have finally gotten together, and as a result of the "Timmy Turner Loophole" that was added to Da Rules, she is also allowed to know about Cosmo, Wanda, and Poof's existence (after having learned about their existence in the series' first live-action film) and is co-running Timmy's "Wishful Thinking" business in which they use Cosmo and Wanda's magic to grant the wishes of unfortunate people everywhere. The movie finds Tootie accompanying her boyfriend and his fairy family to the North Pole when Santa has to talk to Timmy about the fact that his Wishful Thinking business is actually taking away work from him. Over the course of the film, Tootie also becomes curious about Cosmo and Wanda's rivalry with Santa's elves (particularly Dingle Dave and Christmas Carol). During the group's life-threatening journey to seek out Elmer the Elder Elf, Tootie asks for help from a penguin who is somehow at the North Pole (as she can speak the penguin language), and she also expresses sorrow when it seems as though Timmy has fallen off a cliff. After the group succeeds in their task, Tootie assists Timmy in delivering the presents all around the world and, on Christmas Day, shares a kiss with him under the mistletoe.

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