That silly snowman. Once they've come to life they don't know nothin'. ...COME TO LIFE?!?

— The Traffic Cop realizing he was just conversing with a talking snowman

The Traffic Cop is a minor character featured in Frosty the Snowman. In the original song that the special is based on, he was briefly mentioned telling Frosty to stop for traffic. When this encounter happens in the special, the Cop threatens to give Frosty a ticket for not noticing the traffic lights. Karen explains to the Cop that since Frosty just came to life, he does not know much about such things. The Cop allows Frosty and the kids to pass on by, and it is only after they left that he realizes that he was just having a conversation with a sentient snowman. This surprises him so much that he swallows his whistle.

The Traffic Cop reappears in the sequel, Frosty's Winter Wonderland. This time, when he and Frosty cross paths again, the Cop states that he does not find the appearance of a talking snowman a surprise anymore. However, after being introduced to Frosty's wife, Crystal, the Cop is surprised by that and ends up swallowing his whistle again.


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