Trollied: A Christmas Carol is the 2015 Christmas special of British sitcom Trollied. It was originally broadcast on Sky 1 on December 23, 2015. It also featured a guest appearance from former main character Julie Cook, who was last seen in the 2013 Christmas special.


It's Christmas Eve at Valco, but there is little merriment and joy. On top of a Black Christmas sale that's causing riot-like chaos in the aisles, Gavin has turned scrooge and is demanding his staff come in on the 25th to restock the shelves. Can a visitation from his past, in the form of former colleague Julie Cook remind him of the true meaning of Christmas?

Julie brings some festive cheer to the supermarket but she isn't the only one to drop in on the team. Cheryl also swings by to wish Gavin a merry Christmas and is shocked by the man she sees. Then, when Ian installs a new in-store CCTV system, even Gavin can't believe his eyes when he sees himself in a scene from Christmas present.

To make Gavin's Christmas worse, Colin has the job of being store Santa this year and is far more interested in Mrs Claus than bringing laughter and joy to Valco's young customers. Meanwhile, Frank Uture (guest star Richard Wilson) shows up from Logistics Management with some progressive ideas for Gavin to ponder. With the staff set to work on Christmas morning, can a frightening vision of Valco future change Gavin's mean-spirited mind?

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