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Tukiki and His Search for a Merry Christmas is a CBC animated Christmas special, produced at the Ottawa-based Atkinson Film-Arts, that was premiered on Christmas Eve 1979.


Tukiki (voiced by Adam Rich) is a small Eskimo boy who sets out to discover the meaning of Christmas along with a magical character known as North Wind (voiced by Sterling Holloway). While on his journey, Tukiki visits different lands with varying cultures and customs. At each of these places, he learns something different about Christmas and is given gifts which he eventually takes back to give to his selfish arctic friends. The thoughtful giving of gifts brings about a change in Tukiki's homeland and suddenly harmony reigns where once was none, and through Tukiki's act of love, the true meaning of Christmas is discovered.


Voice actor/actress Character
Sterling Holloway Northwind
Adam Rich Tukiki
Sharon Burke
Bob Dermer
Fred Little
Bill Luxton
Bernard McManus
Richard Perigrine
Noreen Young

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