Maurice "Twister" Rodriguez is one of the main characters from the Nickelodeon animated series Rocket Power. He is Otto Rocket's best friend who is a "daredevil" on wheels, and an aspiring videographer. He is often the target of teasing by his older brother Lars, and does not like being called by his real name. Twister is not very intelligent, but has proven to be clever despite his absent-mindedness.

Appearances in Christmas specials

At the start of the series' Christmas episode, "A Rocket X-Mas", Twister is walking Mrs. Maize's poodle while she's busy with her Christmas shopping. When he tells Otto and Reggie that he's being paid $20 to walk dogs, this inspires the siblings to start offering a dog-walking service so they can earn enough money to buy an expensive longboard for their dad for his Christmas present. Twister takes part in helping his pals with their dog-walking endeavors, but later drops out on Christmas Eve to spend the day with his family. However, after Otto accidentally loses the dogs due to being dared in to a race against Twister's brother Lars, Twister assists the Rocket siblings in retrieving the dogs.

A year prior to the premiere broadcast of "A Rocket X-Mas", Twister and his friends also had a brief cameo in the Merry Nickmas short "The 12 Days of Nickmas". He and his pals are seen riding their skateboards in front of their fellow Nicktoon characters.

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