Uncle Ruckus, also known as Rev. Uncle Ruckus and Rev. Fr. Uncle Ruckus, as well as Uncle Rukus while serving at Robert Freeman's Soul Food restaurant "The Itis", is the main antagonist from the Boondocks comic strip and animated television series The Boondocks.

An angrily self-hating black man, he disassociates himself from other African Americans as much as possible, and is outspoken in his support of what Huey calls the "white supremacist power structure." He is voiced by Gary Anthony Williams.

Uncle Ruckus's name is an amalgam of Uncle Tom and Amos Rucker, the latter being an African-American United Confederate Veterans member, who allegedly wanted to stay a slave after the Civil War. The name also bears a similarity to Uncle Remus. Creator Aaron McGruder has announced his intention to create a live-action film based around the character.

Appearances in Christmas Specials

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