This article is about the 1992 special. For the song it's named after, see Up on the Housetop (song).

Up on the Housetop is an animated Christmas special, starring, produced, written & directed by Russ Harris and Jerry Reynolds, that originally aired in 1992.


Curtis Calhoun is a man who is not happy with Christmas. He can never pass by street corner Santas without feeling guilty enough to give them some of his money, and to make matters worse, he gets phone calls from his father and his brother, saying they won't be able to visit him for Christmas this year. Then, when his TV reception goes bad, he goes up on the roof of the apartment building where he lives to fix the antenna. Upon turning back, he finds he has locked himself out on the roof. During the night, he sees Santa Claus as he is going down the building's chimney. Santa tells Curtis that he hasn't lost Christmas, but that "Christmas is where you find it", and leaves him to think about it. The next morning, one of the apartment tenants comes to the roof to water her plants and finds Curtis there. Curtis tells her his story, and the woman admits that she, too, will be missing Christmas as she can't afford to fly down to where her other relatives are. Curtis then arranges a Christmas party for everyone in the building, saying he got the idea for it from "a friend [who] told me… up on the housetop."


Voice actress/actorCharacter(s)
Natalie Bridegroom HarrisNewsreporter
Russ HarrisGash
Jerry ReynoldsCurits Calhoun
Michael N. RuggieroMr. Peterson
Rachel RutledgeMrs. Whimbly

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