"From all of us, to all of you, a very Merry Christmas!"

About me

I am old enough to remember a time when you HAD to see Holiday specials when they were broadcast, or miss them for an entire year. That was it. No home recording of any kind. You were done.

Also, Happy Holidays does not offend me. Think about it. Even if you don't like inclusiveness and respect to other cultures, there are three major holidays towards year's end. Don't let logic stop the crusaders, though. Like a series of made-for-TV movies, they will save Christmas whether it needs it or not.

Santa is not a competitor to the Child. The real man was a Christian Bishop at a time when the persecutions were a recent historical memory, so he would never see himself as such. Second, the legend is a good introduction to charity and giving for children, with the ultimate lesson of divine charity at the center of Christmas waiting until they can really take it in. My advice: Stop posturing and enjoy Mickey Rooney.

I write Christmas stories of popular series in my fanfiction:

The Second Grinching - What happens when Mister Geisel meets Mister Yeats?:


Not A Winter Wonderland - In the Star Wars universe, Yoda quotes a holiday classic


Up From The Depths - What is Christmas without a giant lizard stomping cities?


Bond Ranks His Bass - 007 offers up his own version of 'First Toymakers To The King'


Elfen Liner Notes: Holiday Songs - The cast of Elfen Lied tries to enjoy a normal holiday, with mixed results


Glenfinnan Bells - Duncan Macleod and his newest protege witness a Christmas miracle in his native Highlands


NX - 1225 - Join Captain Jonathan Archer and crew as the season comes upon them in these shorts


A Feast I Don't Like In The Least - Atheist Jean-Luc Picard finds he must defend the holiday from a manipulative ambassador.


Of Tannenbaums and Temples - When Christmas is celebrated near a world with its own ancient faith, how will the crew of Deep Space Nine adapt?


Boiled In Their Own Pudding - The starship Voyager undergoes that other kind of Christmas


The Flight To Safety - Kirk's Enterprise returns to the Roman Empire planet of 'Bread & Circuses' to aid two very familiar fugitives with staggering implications by their mere presence.


Tales Of December - Christmas also finds its way into the world of Buffy Summers and friends, in this series of shorts - https://www.fanfiction.net/s/5915167/78/Slayers-Vamps-Scoobies-Filks-Remixes

All Young Children To Slay - Inspired by 'Coventry Carol' - Learn the ancient past of Highlander, and how Methos left the Four Horsemen. Learn what Kronos did to try and bring him back, agreeing to work for a wicked king as he hunts a certain special child. Told in elder prose.


A Carol Of Wonder - In the world of Ai Yori Aoshi, Aoi's estranged father is given a chance to repent his actions at the end of the manga series, by way of a terrifying vision of a world where he got his way.


Express Purposes - What happens when Dumbledore leads the Trio in a race between the venerable Hogwarts Express - and the never-late engines of the Polar Express? But if joy is in the air, is there still a mystery to be solved?


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"From all of us, to all of you, a very Merry Christmas!"

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