aka Erik Steven-James Butterworth

  • I live in Saginaw, Michigan, United States of America
  • I was born on January 9
  • My occupation is Currently graduated from college
  • I am Male

My name is Erik. I really love many of the Christmas specials that have aired over the years, whether it is live-action movies, like Once Upon a Christmas or its sequel, with Kathy Ireland as Kristen Claus, or The Santa Clause trilogy with Tim Allen, or the Rankin Bass stop-motion specials, like Santa Claus Is Coming to Town and Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, along with all the Rudolph sequels that followed. I also enjoy the Christmas specials that Nickelodeon or Nick Jr. do around the holidays as well, be it the older Nicktoons, like Rugrats or CatDog, or the more recent shows, like PAW Patrol and Mutt & Stuff. I also enjoy some of the ones done by Disney and Cartoon Network as well, such as House of Mouse or The Powerpuff Girls. Christmas is one of my favorite holidays every year.

I'm an avid video gamer as I play all sorts of videos games since I first played the Super NES and Sega Genesis, ranging from PC games, whether it is CD-ROM games like The Sims, Command & Conquer, Roller Coaster Tycoon, Cake Mania, and Starcraft, or the Steam gaming platform, like Team Fortress 2, Dota 2, Left 4 Dead, Portal, Poker Night, and Garry's Mod, to the Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo consoles, like Kingdom Hearts, Legend of Zelda, Call of Duty, Need for Speed, Dynasty Warriors, Sonic the Hedgehog, Halo, and more.

I also am certified in First Aid and CPR, but the cost to renew my certification is a little expensive for me right now, so it might take a while before I can be re-certified. I'm sure my local emergency services will understand if I can't renew it for a while longer because of that. I still have the skills and training, so that counts for something, even if I'm not certified anymore. However, I'm sure I can find somewhere cheaper where I can still renew it, like the American Red Cross, or one of St. Mary's of Michigan's various establishments. That should work out better for me.

Also, my favorite steam locomotive is the famous Pere Marquette 1225 being maintained by the Steam Railroading Institute, also known as the Polar Express, as I enjoy watching it travel through Michigan during the winter season, especially around Christmas time when dozens of people come out to see the historic steam locomotive, though it still needs the help of a diesel locomotive in order to return back the way it came during its journey, but that's what I read from when it makes its holiday trips in the winter around Mid-Michigan. That is also why The Polar Express is one of my favorite books and movies that I enjoy reading and watching around the holidays. I miss steam locomotives...Glad some of them have been preserved and still run today, especially the PM 1225.

I'll add more to my User Page as I think of it in the coming months, including links to my favorite pages as well. Glad I can contribute to this Wiki, and things are going fine with keeping up my daily contributions, so I'm sure I'll have contributed to the Wiki for a full year if I keep it up in the coming months.

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