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VeggieTales Christmas Spectacular! was a television special that aired on PAX in 1998.


The special takes place on a big stage where the Veggies have ostensibly booked time with a major network to air The Toy that Saved Christmas as part of the VeggieTales Christmas Spectacular! Bob the Tomato introduces the special, saying that Larry the Cucumber is ready to play the special. However, one big problem becomes almost immediately clear - Larry can't find the film. Given this discouraging news, the Veggies attempt to fill the time with a variety of musical performances.

First up is Junior Asparagus who is being uplinked by satellite live from the Holy Lands. He sings the song "While By My Sheep" surrounded by a flock of sheep that bleat along with the melody. When the satellite uplink is lost, the Veggies continue to scramble while Pa Grape attempts to buy time with the network, which is threatening to pull the plug on the production.

Next up is "Silly Songs With Larry" were Larry sings "Oh Santa!" Larry is waiting on Christmas Eve for Santa Claus (Bob) so he can give him a plate of cookies. However, before Santa appears, Larry is greeted by a bank robber, a viking (Pa Grape), and an IRS agent. Larry gives both the robber and viking a cookie, still waiting for Santa to come. Santa then appears, and recognizes that both the robber and viking stole his hat and belt. He chases the two out of Larry's house, while the IRS agent comes in and takes Larry's last cookie. Larry wishes him a Merry Christmas, and the song ends.

The third musical number features Archibald Asparagus singing a German folk song, "Ring, Little Bells", while ringing some bells. Larry joins in, but as the song ends the Veggies learn that the network is about to pull the plug. Fortunately the film reel is found by Jimmy Gourd, with The Toy that Saved Christmas being played.

After the special, Pa Grape tells Bob and Larry that the network loved the special. However, after hearing from the description of the network, Bob and Larry realize that they were describing Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, and that they missed the Toy that Saved Christmas. Bob and Larry at least hope that the audience enjoyed the special, and end the "Spectacular!"



Voice actor Character
Phil Vischer Bob the Tomato

Pa Grape
Jimmy Gourd
Archibald Asparagus
Bank Robber

Mike Nawrocki Larry the Cucumber

Jerry Gourd
IRS Agent

Lisa Vischer Junior Asparagus