We're Writing a Letter to Santa is the original song that first appeared on the Barney & Friends Home Video presentation: "Barney's Christmas Star".


We're writing a letter
to Santa today
With so many things that
we want to say

Dear Santa, we're writing to
wish you good cheer
And tell how good
we've been this year

Oh Santa Claus, Santa Claus,
please visit me
The house will look pretty
with lights on the tree
I'll leave you some cookies
on Christmas Eve night
I'll be in my bed
all snuggle up tight

Fly up to my roof in
your reindeer sleigh
Then slide down my chimney
with gifts right away

Before we forget,
there's one thing more
For gifts without chimneys,
please use their door

[Chorus 2x]

With loved from Baby Bop
and her friends.

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