We Wish Ewe A Merry Christmas is a Christmas-themed episode of the British stop-motion animated television series Shaun the Sheep.


It is Christmas time and the Farmer is walking to Bitzer's kennel while wearing a Santa suit. The Farmer then walks into the barn to give the sheep presents. Later, Timmy sees the present and decides to open it. Then the whole Flock wants to open the presents. The presents turned out to be fruit and vegetables. The flock walks out to see Bitzer's present. Luckily, he got a bone! They walk further to see what the Farmer is up to. They were singing Christmas songs. Sadly, the snowman's head had fallen off! The Farmer's friends go back to their place. The Farmer is watching TV while Shaun (again) sees what he is up to. He then takes off his Santa beard. Then, he comes up with an idea! Instead of watching TV, he looks at his scrapbook. One of the balloons deflates and his Christmas starts to ruin! He tries to recharge the lights, but they go out again.

Shaun has an idea! He decides to prepare it all for him! They made ribbons, painted one of the sheep, made baubels, knitted in beautiful colors and stole a Christmas tree! They tried to get it through the cat flap, but it didn't work so they decided to get it through the window. They inadvertently cause it to land on Bitzer! The Farmer wakes up because of the sound but goes back to sleep. They finally get the Christmas tree upright. After a few seconds, Bitzer hammers on a decoration, Mower Mouth cuts the streamers, Timmy's mother continues knitting, One of the sheep hammers a Christmas stocking and Bitzer pulls a switch (not part of the decoration). It causes beautiful lights to come on. They all get very tired so they go back to sleep. They find beautiful presents they all want to open.

The next day, the Farmer goes into the room they prepared for Christmas. When he goes into the room, he is really amazed. Some of his friends and family come for Christmas to have fun. The Flock and Bitzer also have a great time at Christmas!

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