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Flintstone family sing WWYAMC

The Flintstones and Rubbles sing a verse of the song at the end of A Flintstone Family Christmas.

Thomas and Friends Merry Christmas

Thomas and his friends sing the song at the end of "Thomas' Christmas Party".

Cast shot at end of Babies in Toyland

The Rugrats' parents sing the song at the end of "Babies in Toyland".

PnF Cast Singing WeWishYouAMerryChristmas

The cast of Phineas and Ferb sings the song at the end of "A Phineas and Ferb Family Christmas".

"We Wish You a Merry Christmas" is a popular secular sixteenth-century Christmas carol from the West Country of England. Its origin lies in the English tradition where wealthy people of the community gave Christmas treats to the carolers on Christmas Eve such as "figgy pudding" that were very much like modern day Christmas puddings. It is one of the few traditional holiday carols that makes mention of the New Year celebration. The simple chorus and holiday greetings have made it a popular finale to many holiday specials over the years.


We wish you a Merry Christmas
We wish you a Merry Christmas
We wish you a Merry Christmas
And a Happy New Year

Good tidings we bring (or: Good tidings to you)
To you and your kin (or: Wherever you are)
Good tidings for Christmas
And a Happy New Year

Now bring us some figgy pudding
Now bring us some figgy pudding
Now bring us some figgy pudding
And bring it right here


We won't go until we get some
We won't go until we get some
We won't go until we get some
So bring some right here


[First verse repeated]

Appearances in Christmas specials[]

Album releases[]

Versions with the original lyrics[]

Album Year
Christmas with the Chipmunks 1961
Merry Christmas from Sesame Street 1975
A Christmas Together 1979
Raffi's Christmas Album 1983
Sesame Street Christmas Sing-Along 1984
Rainbow Brite Christmas 1985
Christmas on Sesame Street 1986
We Wish You a Merry Christmas 1992
Disney's Christmas Collection 1995
A Sesame Street Christmas 1995
Wiggly, Wiggly Christmas 1996
Happy Holidays Love, Barney 1997
The Chipmunks' Greatest Christmas Hits 1999
It's A Hi-5 Christmas 2001
A Green and Red Christmas 2006
A Looney Tunes Sing-A-Long Christmas 2006
Acoustic Hearts of Winter 2006
Bob! from Sesame Street: Christmas Sing Along 2007
A Very Merry Disney Christmas 2017

Versions with alternate lyrics[]

Album Year Notes
John Denver and the Muppets: A Christmas Together 1979 The song gets interrupted twice - when Gonzo sings, "Now bring us some figgy pudding," Miss Piggy stops him, thinking he said, "piggy pudding". He corrects her saying it's made of figs before adding "and bacon" under his breath. John Denver also has to calm Animal down when they get to "We won't go until we get some".
Ren & Stimpy's Crock O' Christmas 1993 As "We Wish You a Hairy Chestwig". This version was later included on the 1997 album Nick at Nite: A Classic Cartoon Christmas, Too.
Pokémon Christmas Bash 2001 Sung as part of the "Pokémon Christmas Medley".
Phineas and Ferb Holiday Favorites 2010 At the time of the album's release, the Disney Channel and Disney XD ran a music video of the song, set to clips from episodes of the show (including Phineas and Ferb Christmas Vacation!) and some newly-made animation. This version of the song was also featured at the end of "A Phineas and Ferb Family Christmas".
Annoying Orange Presents: Christmas in the Kitchen 2012 While most of the original lyrics exist, Orange interrupts the third verse (which is actually the second one in this version) to ask what they are getting, and after Midget Apple sings the first two lines of the chorus, Orange sings, "Even if you are stuck inside a pickle jar," annoying the others before they all sing the first verse normally and twice.
It's a Pony Kind of Christmas 2015 Sung by Twilight Sparkle, with different lyrics.

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