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"Welcome to the Party of the Year" is a song sung by the Cat in the Hat in The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About Christmas!


Merry Christmas, come right in.
I'm throwing a party and it's about to begin!

Welcome to my party, welcome one and all.
As the sleigh bells chime
we'll have a good time,
we're gonna have a ball.
'Cause Christmas Eve is kicking off right here,
Welcome to the party of the year!

Come in, Betty Beaver and Mr. Macaw.
Nice to see you, Brown Bear. Delighted, I'm sure!

If you care for a game of "Musical Chairs",
just join in with these Polar Bears.
Or perhaps a round of "Pass the Present",
take a seat between a Rabbit and a pheasant.

We got all the games you'll love,
and some you wouldn't believe,
So have a go,
'Cause don't you know.
That tonight is Christmas Eve!


Patty the Prairie Dog and Penguins too.
Is that cotton candy? Don't mind if I do!

Now here's a snack you should have tried,
sausage roll with chocolate inside.
And if your happen to be a hungry mouse,
You might like my gingerbread house.

We got all the food you love
And some you wouldn't believe,
So take a bite,
It's gonna be alright.
'Cause tonight is Christmas Eve.


Christmas Eve is kicking off right here,
it's a time for laughter and good cheer,
the day you've all been waiting for is near...
So, Welcome... to the party... of the year! Alright!