"What's the Use of Presents?" is song from the special Arthur's Perfect Christmas. It is sung by Muffy feeling empty at Christmas because she had a fight with Francine after she got upset with her for not coming to her Christmas party because she wanted to spend time with her family for Hanukkah.


Arthur (album only): 37 presents?
Wow, Muffy. This is probably your biggest Christmas ever.
But why do you look so unhappy? Did you and Francine have a fight?

Muffy: I got a clubhouse
I think it's the biggest in the world
I'd be the princess,
and Francine a serving girl

It'd be so neat,
and if she was sweet

I might even let her be queen,
but not this year 'cause I can't call Francine

Check out this toy train,
something Francine would love to use
Maybe she'ddrive it,
while I eat cake in the caboose.

I'd be warm in my stole,
while she shoveled coal
Till there was nothing
we hadn't seen
But not this year,
'cause I can't call Francine

Oh, these video games are just so lame,
when you only play the computer

And who will I take
to Swan Lake?
I guess I will
bring my tutor

Here is a puzzle
It's in 20,000 pieces
Maybe I'll finish it by the
time I have grandnieces

Oh! I got pretty dolls,
stuffed animals,
a miniature submarine

But what good are presents?
I find them so unpleasant
Who wants presents if I can't share them with...
(2x) Francine


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