When Angels Come to Town is a CBS Christmas-themed movie, executive produced by Daniel H. Blatt, that was originally premiered on November 28, 2004.


The angel Max seems to have bungled his heavenly mission.


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Mark AkesonSecurity Guard
Dylan AucoinSchool kid
Tammy BlanchardSally Reid
Danny Blanco-HallFireman
Wyatt BowenCharlie
Babz ChulaLois Vernon
Alexander Conti*Jimmy Reid
Rosey EdehReporter
Peter FalkMax
Kathleen FeeMarion
Seann GallagherKarl Hoffman
Aaron GrunfeldYoung Franz
Mark KrupaUncle Gregory
Marina LapinaFrieda Einstoss
Pierre LeBlancJosef Hoffman
Bronwen MantelSaleswoman
Martin NeufeldGerman Officer
Joanna NoyesFoster Mother
Katey SagalJo
Victoria SanchezDolores Pineda
Russel Yuen
Jennifer Seguin
Town Residents
Kwasi SonguiBus Driver
Harry StandjofskyVic Marino
Vlasta VranaFranz

* - Nominated for the 2005 Young Artist Award for Best Supporting Actor in a TV Movie

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