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Wiggly Wiggly Christmas

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Wiggly, Wiggly Christmas is a 1997 Australian Christmas video featuring The Wiggles, based on the album of the same name that was released the previous year. It was released in September 8, 1997 by ABC Video distributed by Roadshow Entertainment.


Wiggly, Wiggly Christmas is a terrific music compilation of new and favorite Christmas songs. Jeff, Greg, Anthony, and Murray join a fun cast of characters in performing both upbeat, familiar carols and creating their own brand of new Christmas classics.


# Title From
1 TitleCard-HaveaVeryMerryChristmas
2 TitleCard-WigglyWigglyChristmas
3 TitleCard-RudolfTheRedNoseReindeer (Australian 1997 and UK 1999 versions only)
4 TitleCard-HereComesSantaClaus
5 TitleCard-GoSantaGo
6 TitleCard-DingDongMerrilyonHigh
7 TitleCard-ChristmasStar
8 TitleCard-Untous,thisHolyNightIn a manger, In a stable

Unto us this holy night

9 TitleCard-FeliceNavidad
10 TitleCard-JingleBells
11 TitleCard-ChristmasPicnic
12 TitleCard-Let'sClapHandsForSantaClaus
13 TitleCard-Henry'sChristmasDance
14 TitleCard-Jeff'sChristmasTune (Instrumental)
15 TitleCard-It'saChristmasPartyontheGoodshipFeathersword
16 TitleCard-AwayinaManger
17 TitleCard-WagsIsBouncingAroundtheChristmasTree
18 TitleCard-SilentNight
19 TitleCard-WeWishYouaMerryChristmas
20 "Wiggly Christmas Medley" The Wiggly Big Show; 1999 and U.S. 2000 versions only


Character Actor/actress Note
The Wiggles Murray Cook, Jeff Fatt, Anthony Field and Greg Page
Captain Feathersword Paul Paddick
Dorothy the Dinosaur Leeanne Ashley (body) and Carolyn Ferrie (voice)
Henry the Octopus Charmaine Martin (body) and Jeff Fatt (voice)
Wags the Dog Edward Rooke (body) and Mic Conway
Santa Claus Jonathan Mill
Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer Cassandra Halloran
Iggy Graeme Haddon
Ziggy and Frank Edward Rooke
Iggy, Ziggy and Frank's Voices Paul Paddick
Feliz Navidad Dancers Larissa Wright, Reem Hanwell, Elyssa Dawson, Kristen Knox, Rhiannah Kitching, and Shannon Smith
The Kids: Cassandra Halloran • Jessica Halloran • Emma Ryan • Sian Ryan • Sofia Silvestrini • Leonardo Silvestrini • Clare Field • Joseph Field • Anthony Silvestrini • Georgia Munro-Cook • Ceili Moore • Alyssa Bryce • Ashleigh Johns • Laura Tilt • Natasha Petracic


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