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Wilma Flintstone (née Slaghoople, though in two episodes of the original series, her maiden name was given as "Pebble") is a character from the Hanna-Barbera animated television series The Flintstones. She is the wife of Fred Flintstone and the mother of Pebbles Flintstone.

Appearances in Christmas specials[]

The Flintstones[]

In the original series' Christmas episode, "Christmas Flintstone", Wilma is skeptical when Fred tells her that he has gotten a second job at Macyrock's, saying that she is not unsure if she likes the idea of him working two jobs, but Fred explains it will only be for a week. Later, when Fred comes home from the department store in the Santa Claus suit, Wilma actually mistakes him for the real Santa and frantically starts decorating the Christmas tree before Fred explains that they made him the store's Santa. When Fred, as Santa, does a television interview, Wilma and Pebbles are seen watching Fred's interview. At the end of the episode, when Fred comes home after having filled in for the real Santa on Christmas Eve, Wilma, along with Barney and Betty, tells him that he did a fantastic job acting as Santa for them just now (not realizing that it was actually the real Santa bringing Fred's gifts to them).

Wilma as the Ghost of Christmas Past

Wilma portraying the Ghost of Christmas Past in A Flintstones' Christmas Carol.

A Flintstones' Christmas Carol, the fourth Flintstones Christmas special produced (but the second one in chronological order), finds Wilma working as the stage manager for the Bedrock Community Theater. When Fred wins the part of Ebonezer Scrooge in their production of A Christmas Carol, Wilma is shown to be particularly frustrated with Fred having become so obsessed with the role that he's acting like Scrooge in real life too. She becomes even angrier with Fred when he fails to pick up Pebbles from daycare on the way to the theater and he claims that he was doing last-minute rehearsing (to cover up the fact that he was actually doing last-minute Christmas shopping for their gifts). During the play, Wilma ends up having to portray the roles of the Ghost of Christmas Past and Belle, due to the actresses who were supposed to play those characters having caught the Bedrock Bug. Seeing Wilma performing these characters brings Fred to start realizing how much of a jerk he has been to her and everyone else. Later, after the play is finished, Fred admits to Wilma that he finally realized during the performance how much his family and friends really mean to him. Wilma has a hard time believing that, but Fred offers to make it up to her by inviting her mother over for Christmas dinner. This movie would notably mark the final major Flintstones production in which Wilma was voiced by her original actress, Jean Vander Pyl (she would reprise the role at least one more time for a skit on The Weird Al Show).

Fred kiss Wilma

Fred kisses Wilma under the mistletoe.

In A Flintstone Christmas, the second Flintstones Christmas special (but the third one chronologically), Wilma has twice asked Fred to play Santa at the Ladies Auxiliary's Christmas party for the Bedrock Orphanage, and asks him again on Christmas Eve morning. Fred refuses the offer each time, claiming that he'd be a laughingstock if he did, but he eventually changes his mind after his boss, Mr. Slate, asks it to him. After Fred tries on the Santa suit that Mr. Slate provided for him, Wilma heads off to the party. Unbeknownst to her and Betty, however, Fred and Barney wind up filling in for the real Santa Claus that evening. When Pebbles becomes worried that Santa isn't coming to the party, Wilma tells her not to give up hope, segueing into the song "Hope". Fred and Barney eventually do show up to the party, but they leave shortly after to check on the real Santa back at Fred's house. As a result, Wilma and Betty are at first angry that their husbands kept them waiting for so long at the party and then skipped out on cleaning up the place afterward. When Fred and Barney explain to their wives what happened, Wilma and Betty don't believe them, but they are willing to forgive them. Afterwards, Fred (with a little help from Santa) presents Wilma with her present - a pair of sabretooth earrings.

Finally, A Flintstone Family Christmas, the last Flintstones Christmas special in chronological order, finds Wilma and Fred preparing for their now-adult daughter Pebbles, along with her husband Bamm-Bamm and their kids, to come visit for Christmas. After Fred and Barney are nearly mugged by a homeless kid named Stoney, Wilma feels sympathy for him and decides to adopt him, despite Fred's objections.

Other Christmas productions[]

In The Jetsons episode "A Jetson Christmas Carol", Wilma, along with Fred, makes a cameo in a film playing at a drive-in movie theater in the past.


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